Application for accreditation as an AASCP Accredited Course

This application process is for training providers who wish to apply to AASCP for accreditation of their tobacco treatment training program. 

There are 3 sections to this application form:

Section 1: Applicant details

Section 2: Course information template

Section 3: Applicant endorsement

You must complete all sections. Should you require additional space, please attach extra pages that are clearly labelled with the number of the question to which the information relates.

Unless otherwise indicated, you must provide a response to each question and to each part of each question. 

The program must effectively cover the nine (9) required competency elements as outlined in AASCP’s Core Competencies for Tobacco Treatment Specialists.

The program must meet or exceed the recommended minimum number of training hours for each of the nine competency elements. 

The program will need to include all assessment tools (e.g. case study, simulated patient, multiple choice examination) designed to measure trainee knowledge and skills.

The Review Process

AASCP’s Training Review Committee will evaluate your submission to determine whether it meets the requirements for accreditation by AASCP. You will be notified if additional information is needed to complete the review of your program.

The designated contact person will be notified as to whether the submission meets the Committee’s standards.

Submitting the application

Five copies of the completed application form, including all necessary sections and required attachments must be submitted by mail to:

Attn: AASCP Accreditation Committee


PO Box M195

Camperdown, NSW 2050


A soft copy by email to

Your application must be accompanied by the required attachments. Incomplete applications or applications completed incorrectly will be returned to you for completion.

Documentation, with appropriate page numbers and references noted, must be provided for each required competency area/skill set.


Please click here to start the process.

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