Eligibility, Minimum Standards

The Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals has developed a set of competencies to guide the provision of intensive treatment for tobacco dependency and to ground this practice in the best evidence for effective treatment. The committee members who contributed to this process represent a wide range of practitioners, researchers and educators with extensive experience in the field of tobacco treatment. It is our belief that widespread endorsement and dissemination of a set of standards will serve to guide clients, employers and third party payers in the selection of qualified individuals to provide tobacco treatment services. We believe the establishment of well-accepted standards will assist the organizations and states that are moving toward the development of certification processes.

To become a Full Member of AASCP, you need to have the following:
  • A current registered qualification in nursing/ medicine/ pharmacy/ D&A/ physiotherapy/ psychology/ health education or relevant qualifications as deemed suitable by the committee
  • A minimum of 1 year’s work in the field of smoking cessation
  • Work a minimum of 4 hours of smoking cessation-related work per week
  • Successful completion of an AASCP recognised smoking cessation training course


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CPD Points for AASCP membership renewal can be found by clicking here.

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