Membership Benefits

Membership entitles you to:

  • Full access to the website, including clinical papers, presentations and other resources
  • Inclusion in the online Tobacco Treatment Specialist Finder, so smokers and health professionals can find you
  • Free subscription to the Journal of Smoking Cessation worth $210.10 (p.a)
  • Monthly webinar presentations
  • Monthly eNewsletter, which includes a Clinical Paper of the Week, Clinical Tip of the Week, information and resources
  • Networking opportunities with access to the AASCP Smoking Cessation Listerv that will get you in touch with other AASCP members to discuss smoking cessation related topics
  • Information about courses, conference and training opportunities
  • Discounts on the AASCP Update Day and other AASCP events
  • Be part of a leading organization addressing the needs of the tobacco treatment professional and advocating for help for smokers

Discounts for members

AASCP Members who renew before November 2016 will receive a 35% discount on their membership renewal fee of $150.

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