Next Journal Club Meeting

Journal Club has been cancelled until further notice.

Location: Level 5, 94 Mallet St, Camperdown, NSW 2050

Journal Club link:

Is there a paper that you have read recently that you would like to discuss with other AASCP members? If you would like to host the next Journal Club, please contact

Journal Club

Journal Club is a monthly meeting hosted by AASCP and the Smoking Research Unit at the Brain & Mind Research Institute, inviting AASCP members to pick a smoking cessation related paper for discussion and review.

We will be using the same program as we do for the Monthly Smoking Cessation Webinars, so if you have attended them in the past, this should be familiar. Please see the instructions below.

What you need to attend this Journal Club

  • Good internet connection
  • Adobe flash player (it is available as a free download)
  • Speakers
  • Mic & Webcam (optional but preferred)
  • You need to have read the article

How to use Adobe Connect for Journal Club

Click on the link provided and enter as a Guest (this is the same system as our monthly webinars).

Journal Club link:

In the top left corner of the screen there are Speaker, Mic, Webcam and Raise Hand icons:


Click on these icons to activate your mic and webcam. They will turn green when they have been activated.

If you wish to attend via webcam, please see below the two steps for it to become live.

Click on the webcam icon: Webcam_Icon.JPG

If this is your first time, please click 'Allow' for Adobe Flash Player:


Click 'Start Sharing':


Rules of participation

  • Please keep your mic muted if you are not speaking Mic_Mute_Icon.JPG
  • To speak, please either raise your handby clicking the Raise Hand icon in the top left Raise_Hand_Icon.JPG
  • Once the host has told you that you have the floor, please do not speak until they have signalled that you can
  • When you have the floor, all other mics need to be muted (this prevents echoing and is very important)
  • Once you have finished talking, say “Over” and the host will take the floor and continue


If you wish to host a Journal Club, please contact Admin at AASCP for instructions.

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