Smoking Cessation Listerv for AASCP Members

This free listserv has been established by The Smoking Research Unit at the University of Sydney, in collaboration with AASCP to facilitate member communication and the sharing of information.

All paid up AASCP members have been registered to participate in the listserv. If you would like to check or change your email address, please contact us.

To post a message to all listserv members simply send an email to:

You can reply to a posting by clicking Reply All to the email which sends your response to all participants. Alternatively, simply click reply to the individual sender only.

All postings the listserv will go directly into your Inbox, with no login required.

To keep things organised, we suggest you set up a folder in your email program so all listserv emails are kept together.

Members can opt out of the listserv at any time by contacting our administrative assistant, Chloe Sharp here.

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