Report a Scam

At AASCP, we promote honest, accurate and evidenced based information to help smokers make educated choices on smoking cessation. Therefore we have set up this 'scam reporting form.'

If you have reason to believe that an individual or organisation is making false or unreasonable claims about a smoking cessation service or product please fill out the form below and the ASSCP Executive Committee will investigate it. If deemed appropriate the Committee will notify the ACCC directly.

Please note: the AASCP in no way acts as governance over the practice of smoking cessation or its individual health professionals, nor do we act on behalf of the ACCC. Anyone is entitled to contact the ACCC directly to make a report. This service has been designed to simply assist you in registering your concerns.

The role of the ACCC

The ACCC's primary responsibility is to ensure that businesses and individuals comply with consumer protection laws The ACCC recognises that deceptive or misleading conduct towards consumers of any health care product or service "could cause a consumer to suffer long-lasting physical, physiological or financial effects." It is unlawful for individuals and businesses to make "false claims or misleading representations about goods or services in promotions or advertising."

Scam reporting form

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