What is AASCP?

The aim of this association is the promotion of optimal smoking cessation practice in Australia by trained health professionals incorporating evidence-based practice with an ongoing learning objective.

Objectives of the association

  1. Promoting smoking cessation by the sharing of smoking cessation strategies.
  2. Increasing and improving the number and quality of professionals involved in smoking cessation practice, particularly in health care facilities.
  3. Provide a shared forum for those health professionals working in the area of smoking cessation with information sources appropriately acknowledged.
  4. Both attain and maintain high standards of practice by the membership.
  5. Become a primary referral body for smoking cessation policy.
  6. Work towards a national/local rebate/insurance/remuneration for smoking cessation interventions.


  1. Provision of an educational forum for members in the area of smoking cessation practice-annual update professional meetings.
  2. Maintain a database of practising professional members as a referral source.
  3. Communicate and disseminate information by electronic media or mail as available to the member.
  4. Provide a resource of current guidelines for smoking cessation practice and other informational resources as available.
  5. Increase public awareness of the availability of smoking cessation professionals.
  6. Approach funding bodies for financial support for smoking cessation strategies eg. Lobby Private Health Funds, State Governments.
  7. Association meeting to be held concurrently with topical or related conferences/meetings if practical.


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