Executive Committee

profile_renee.jpgAdjunct Associate Professor Renee Bittoun

President and Co-Founder 

Renee has worked in smoking cessation for over 30 years. Currently she is Director of the Smokers’ Clinics in the SW Sydney Area Health Service and Head of the Smoking Cessation Unit in the Faculty of Medicine, Brain Mind Institute, at the University of Sydney.

She established and continues to teach the first Australian university course on Nicotine Addiction and Smoking at The University of Sydney. She is the author of many books on smoking and quitting and has published many research articles on tobacco dependence and cessation. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the international peer-reviewed Journal of Smoking Cessation.

Renee conducts “Master-classes” in smoking cessation around the world, including Wales, Ireland, France and The Netherlands. In 2009, she was awarded the prestigious TSANZ (Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand) President’s Award for her contribution to tobacco control.

profile_donna.jpgDonna Harrison

Co-Vice President and Co-Founder

Donna Harrison is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Co Vice President and founding member of AASCP. Her interest in tobacco smoking was sparked as a child on experiencing her father trying to quit smoking cigars and becoming very cranky. After seeing all the kids smoking in school and obtaining her Bachelor of Nursing, she knew she was destined to work with smokers.

Donna has been treating smokers for tobacco misuse and dependence for more than 23 years. Through the late 1980’s and the 1990’s, Donna worked for the Quit For Life Campaign, providing education to the public on tobacco dependence and its treatment. She has initiated and conducted tobacco dependence treatment clinics in public and private domains. She has conducted numerous treatment clinics across a range of environments including hospitals, workplaces, defence departments, police services and correctional settings. She has many years experience in the treatment of tobacco dependence in smokers with complex co morbidities including those with psychiatric, neurological and immunological disorders.

Donna has been heavily involved in the education of health professionals in the treatment and management of tobacco dependence. She is very keen on raising the standard of clinical treatment and management of smokers by primary health care professionals. She sees this role as a patient advocacy one, to fulfil tobacco dependent patients’ medical rights to the highest standard of clinical treatment.

Donna is currently a PhD candidate at the Smoking Research Unit of the Brain and Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney.


Tracey Greenberg, Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Co-Vice President

Psychologist Melinda Barone is a registered psychologist with a special interest in Addictions. Melinda is also the founder and principal psychologist of Valeo Clinic which combines neuroscience, physiology and psychology to psychological treatment. Melinda is the Vice President of the AASCP, with her main focus being on training of Health professionals in the treatment of nicotine addiction; development of treatment policy in nicotine addiction; development of Tobacco Treatment Specialist training programs and future governance of nicotine addiction treatment by AASCP. Melinda also a member of several AASCP steering committees and a visiting lecturer at the Smoking Cessation Unit in the Faculty of Medicine, Brain Mind Institute, at the University of Sydney teaching health professionals about nicotine addiction and treatment.


profile_woman.jpgTreasurer: Louise Ross

Louise Ross is a Tobacco Cessation specialist and Drug and Alcohol Counsellor with over 14 years experience working in the drug and alcohol field. She conducts individual and group programs to assist smokers to quit smoking and has a special interest in working with pregnant women and Indigenous Australians.

Louise participates in NSW Health's Smoke free Environment Policy Committee and has assisted a number of inpatient services with the implementation of this policy. She facilitates tobacco cessation training for staff in the drug and alcohol and allied health fields and also lectures at Sydney University.

Louise possesses tertiary qualifications in adult education and drug and alcohol treatment and recently completed a Masters of Health Science. She also works as a training consultant, providing courses for government and community based organisations.


profile_lyn.jpgLyn Baucia (B.Pharm)


Lyn Baucia is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Pharmacist working in private practice in Brisbane. She draws on more than 15 years experience, conducting smoking cessation programs for individuals, groups and workplaces. Since 2003 Lyn has conducted smoking cessation pilot studies for the Queensland Police Service, Queensland Rail and QR Nationally and has delivered individual and group smoking cessation programs with the Australian Department of Defence, where she works as a pharmacist.

Training doctors, nurses and pharmacists is a priority, with Lyn producing her own programs as well as facilitating sessions for pharmaceutical companies. Lyn has presented papers and seminars at PAC (Pharmacy Conference), Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA), and the Queensland Tobacco Symposium and has been a visiting lecturer on the Nicotine Addiction and Smoking course for the Smoking Cessation Unit in the Faculty of Medicine, Brain Mind Institute, University of Sydney. She has published in international and local journals.





profile_colin.jpgDr Colin Mendelsohn MB BS (Hons).

Executive Member 

Colin is a general practitioner with a special interest in smoking cessation. His main focus is in training general practitioners and other health professionals to help their patients quit smoking and in raising awareness of smoking as a priority health issue. He was actively involved in the development and teaching of the Smokescreen program, conducting workshops for GPs and other health professionals around Australia and New Zealand. He was also a Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales, teaching medical students and doctors about smoking and other drug and alcohol issues. He has written numerous peer-reviewed publications on smoking cessation and advises pharmaceutical companies on smoking cessation products.

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